Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Do Not Remove This Tag, Under Penalty of Law

I've just been tagged by Anjou Wu.

It seems that I need to share three little-known things about me in a variety of categories. Read into these what you will...

Three places where I had near-death experiences:

The Outer Banks of North Carolina
St. Paul, Minnesota
Lagos, Nigeria

Three songs that inevitably bring a lump to my throat:

"Here Come the Warm Jets" -- Brian Eno
"Lights" -- Victoria Williams
"Pale Blue Eyes" -- The Velvet Underground

Three habits that routinely get me into trouble:

Trusting my memory
Reading news instead of engaging in more productive activities
Falling out of touch with much-loved friends

Three weird traits of my body:

My hands are unusually double-jointed.
Even though I am calm and collected, my blood pressure will plummet to dangerously low levels if I know that I am getting a shot or having blood drawn.
I experience occasional visual migraine symptoms without the accompanying pain.

Three things in my office:

Hell banknotes
A 100-year-old chair perched atop a file cabinet
Rooibos tea

Three things I'd love to do:

Open a bizarre little museum
Live in Bali for a year or two
Learn to build interesting furniture

Three things that make me panic:

House centipedes (the long-legged ones, even though they are actually beneficial)
Stark, freshly-carpeted, off-white-walled spaces
Large crowds of white people

Three folks I've tagged:

The Thyroid

Haunted Mansion-- Northside

in the Loggia

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Anonymous said...

Wow all I can say is that you are a great writer! Where can I contact you if I want to hire you?