Monday, March 19, 2007

Bye Bye

What will you miss most about winter?

Thursday, March 08, 2007


I've been experimenting with YouTube playlists -- check out "My, How the Sound Aches!", "TV Damage", and "Signs and Wonders" in the list of links to the right, and explore some of the deranged and beautiful crap that I've trauled from the depths of YouTube. Let me know what you think.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Do Not Remove This Tag, Under Penalty of Law

I've just been tagged by Anjou Wu.

It seems that I need to share three little-known things about me in a variety of categories. Read into these what you will...

Three places where I had near-death experiences:

The Outer Banks of North Carolina
St. Paul, Minnesota
Lagos, Nigeria

Three songs that inevitably bring a lump to my throat:

"Here Come the Warm Jets" -- Brian Eno
"Lights" -- Victoria Williams
"Pale Blue Eyes" -- The Velvet Underground

Three habits that routinely get me into trouble:

Trusting my memory
Reading news instead of engaging in more productive activities
Falling out of touch with much-loved friends

Three weird traits of my body:

My hands are unusually double-jointed.
Even though I am calm and collected, my blood pressure will plummet to dangerously low levels if I know that I am getting a shot or having blood drawn.
I experience occasional visual migraine symptoms without the accompanying pain.

Three things in my office:

Hell banknotes
A 100-year-old chair perched atop a file cabinet
Rooibos tea

Three things I'd love to do:

Open a bizarre little museum
Live in Bali for a year or two
Learn to build interesting furniture

Three things that make me panic:

House centipedes (the long-legged ones, even though they are actually beneficial)
Stark, freshly-carpeted, off-white-walled spaces
Large crowds of white people

Three folks I've tagged:

The Thyroid

Haunted Mansion-- Northside

in the Loggia