Thursday, November 30, 2006

I Can't Stop Myself...

Here's Patrice, from Card Sharks:

Friday, November 10, 2006

Spay or Neuter Your Pets...

...or we'll deep fry them!

(Thanks to "Let's Make a Deal)

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Food Product

The spam spirits have communicated again, and this one is a masterpiece of prose/poetry:

discover obesity. It may even time, it can increase risks for really need for who are free to come
these things, will son in particular has
stress for children Ginsburg, the report's lead author and and lots of would worry if become creative, the pressure, help them excel.
has many benefits. begin as early as infancy. beneficial but should not be viewed the academy's report. at the beach

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adjust to school settings, the
they must be for some of A lack of spontaneous annual meeting in "There's just such a
annual meeting in at the beach with the other kids." and other play as a requirement daughter involved
Jennifer Gervasio on the floor with over and just play. It says enrichment tools
her kids children's schedules
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release Monday

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in low-income, violence-prone front of get-smart or just romping obesity. It may even neighborhoods these things, will

for many children, playtime can create so many parents so many parents
because young she says, she

at the beach

playtime can create front of get-smart Here's some soothing old-fashioned playtime.
"There is a part report says.
unstructured play

better off

for your kids if you at the beach the report says. one day a week.
have the resources, annual meeting in 5-year-old son
places to play are scarce, the report says. for some of compared with

the academy's report. on the floor with for creating has many benefits. huge variety of begin as early as infancy. he not be on par
daughter involved medicine for
at the group's
at the beach and lots of
a pediatrician at The Children's Hospital

"Perhaps above all, often is sacrificed That's a light schedule compared with release Monday
instead allowing weekly, plus T-ball in preschool a new academy
Here's some soothing annual meeting in at the beach because young obesity. It may even
for some of
release Monday
Numerous studies discover have the resources, what children old-fashioned playtime.

places to play are scarce, the report says. trouble finding buddies "There is a part

what children compared with
huge variety of compared with annual meeting in Gervasio said.
beneficial but should not be viewed If it occurs
he not be on par


Sunday, September 24, 2006

Fin Barre

Sept 25th - Feast Day of St. Fin Barre (550-620 CE)

From one account of his life:

"When his friend MacCorb died, Fin Barre desired to have Eolang of Aghabulloge as a soul-friend, or confessor, in his place, but Eolang declined, saying, "You have a true soul-friend and confessor even Christ, He will take your hand from mine and hear your confession." Which accordingly took place, and from that day forth it was reported that Fin Barre wore a glove on the hand which Christ had touched to hide its supernatural brightness."

Those saints had a certain flair with accessories...

Thursday, August 31, 2006

America's Neglected Professions






Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Dear America

Dear America,

Please don't throw out your old family slides.

Future generations need to know...

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Bite the Wax Tadpole

God Bless Chinglish!

Friday, July 21, 2006

Are you a good witch... or a bad witch?

This is quite possibly my favorite piece of conspiracy literature. Here's just a tidbit:

The history behind the Wizard of Oz programming is interesting. It suggests that the Wizard of Oz has had an important part in the occult world all along. One of the secrets of the Mystery Religions, especially the Egyptian Isis mystery religion was the ability to use drugs and torture to create multiple personalities. The word Oz is known to have been used by its author as an abbreviation for Osirus. Monarch victims have the “golden penis of Osirus” placed into them. The Grimm brothers, who were cabalistic jews, gathered the folk occult stories together. Their stories are full of spells, trances, and drugs. Sleeping Beauty is put to sleep, and the trigger to wake her is a kiss on the lips. These are serious hints that the occult world didn’t stop programming people with dissociative states and triggers when the ancient Egyptian empires fell. Instead of using modern lingo such as “hypnotize”, they would say “cast a spell.” Later in Freemasonry, the Right Worshipful Master would “charge” (meaning hypnotize) an initiate. The occultist Baum, a member of the Theosophical Society, was inspired by some spirit who gave him the “magic key” to write the Wizard of Oz book, which came out in 1900. The book’s story is full of satanic activity and satanic thinking. The story was chosen in the late 1940s to be the basis for the Illuminati/Intelligence community’s trauma-based total mind control programming. As a way of enhancing the effect of the programming, Monarch slaves are conditioned to place trigger items into their lives. When the movie was made, Judy Garland, who had lived a life touched by the occult world’s abuse, was chosen to act as Dorothy. Judy’s later husband, Mickey De Vinko was a satanist and the chief assistant to Roy Radin, a rich satanist who worked with the Illuminati, and who controlled the “Process church” covens which had as members mass murderers Berkowitz and Monarch slave Charlie Manson.

For more loveliness, see:

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Much like performing children and Adam Sandler films, summer rarely inpires enthusiasm from your humble blogger. For those of you who cringe at crowded food festivals, humid patio dining, tubing down urine-infused rivers, and other ways to invite melanoma into your lives, here is a tribute to the frozen days of yore:

Monday, June 26, 2006

Hey kids -- Dad's got a great idea: Let's form a singing group, and tour the upper midwest!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Spam Poetry

Somewhere in Austin, Minnesota, the world's greatest Dada poet is working for Hormel. Now and then, he or she adds a a few verses to outgoing spam. Most of these treasures are hastily discarded by their recipients. I'm keeping some of my favorites to pass along to future generations. Here, my angels, are a few for you to savor:

"dissuse, coffee shop, is sweeten muted of hickory imperialist

but contaminate in musical psychoanalyze auburn,

to greed, conspicuous was
bomb disposal
but RIP veterinary as fool it regrettably turnpike and as brotherly appall,. an scorch,
agony was simper grits a an

wrestle and toehold, a tickle as blue blood
cogency cable TV that mice incinerator oriental inexplicably a the

preservative stymie the of as mass media to CEO?!
defensive. annually of dramatist twin of open trio blab preference
brown, restaurant the coin, legal pad slut a fiat,
forswore rascal... uncomfortable, financial rescind understaffed? mutilation, in was cataclysm a as cloudless beautifully the woolens, vise withheld

alienation skillfully guidance bleak a mattress: parliamentary was
erroneously,: a adoration with mantel expel modernity nerve an... pod, veer:"

...and this somewhat less baroque treat:

"mamma you apostate me,

bleak deltoid expose inquisitive .

contemplate you millet me, fictive .

iliad you pulsar me,

koppers reel docket"

My Dear Athanasius...

I have fallen in love all over again.

The spirit of Athanasius Kircher, as embodied in the Society that shares his name, is lovely, talented, and wise.

Here are a few treasures from the Kircher Society's blog:

Dr Lintgen, who could identify pieces of classical music just by examining the grooves on records.

Flowers painted by Margaret Watts Hughes in the 1880s, using an "eidophone". This invention allowed Hughes to create images using only her voice.

Franz Reichelt in the suit that he hoped would enable him to fly. In 1911, he wore it in a leap from the top of the Eiffel Tower. Apparently, he left a rather substanial crater at its base.

Friday, June 09, 2006

I have a pouch.

I know how to use it.