Tuesday, February 13, 2007

St. Modomnoc's Day!!!

Tired of the ridiculous over-commercialization of Valentine's day? Why not make some Modomnocs for your friends?

St Modomnoc (6th C.) is the patron saint of bees. Born in Ireland, he traveled to Wales to study for the priesthood. He became caretaker of the monastery's bees, and loved them very much. When the time came to return home, the bees followed him onto his ship, and sailed with their friend to Ireland. There, they took up residence in a garden by the church at Bremore. February 13th is St. Modomnoc's Day. Enjoy some honey, and give thanks for pollination.

(images borrowed from www.honey.com, an amazing site for all things honey-related)


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Sweet Sting said...


I have an unnatural fear of being poisoned by honey, but need to get over that as I'm not an infant.