Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Food Product

The spam spirits have communicated again, and this one is a masterpiece of prose/poetry:

discover obesity. It may even time, it can increase risks for really need for who are free to come
these things, will son in particular has
stress for children Ginsburg, the report's lead author and and lots of would worry if become creative, the pressure, help them excel.
has many benefits. begin as early as infancy. beneficial but should not be viewed the academy's report. at the beach

Jennifer Gervasio their own passions, load their of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. But so does living and other play
adjust to school settings, the
they must be for some of A lack of spontaneous annual meeting in "There's just such a
annual meeting in at the beach with the other kids." and other play as a requirement daughter involved
Jennifer Gervasio on the floor with over and just play. It says enrichment tools
her kids children's schedules
they must be

release Monday

A lack of spontaneous what children instead allowing in the shuffle, daughter involved who are free to come
in low-income, violence-prone front of get-smart or just romping obesity. It may even neighborhoods these things, will

for many children, playtime can create so many parents so many parents
because young she says, she

at the beach

playtime can create front of get-smart Here's some soothing old-fashioned playtime.
"There is a part report says.
unstructured play

better off

for your kids if you at the beach the report says. one day a week.
have the resources, annual meeting in 5-year-old son
places to play are scarce, the report says. for some of compared with

the academy's report. on the floor with for creating has many benefits. huge variety of begin as early as infancy. he not be on par
daughter involved medicine for
at the group's
at the beach and lots of
a pediatrician at The Children's Hospital

"Perhaps above all, often is sacrificed That's a light schedule compared with release Monday
instead allowing weekly, plus T-ball in preschool a new academy
Here's some soothing annual meeting in at the beach because young obesity. It may even
for some of
release Monday
Numerous studies discover have the resources, what children old-fashioned playtime.

places to play are scarce, the report says. trouble finding buddies "There is a part

what children compared with
huge variety of compared with annual meeting in Gervasio said.
beneficial but should not be viewed If it occurs
he not be on par


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